Please support the following organizations which in turn support the National Committee for Latin and Greek.


* American Classical League

* California Classical Association, North

* California Classical Association, South

* Classical Association of the Atlantic States

* Classical Association of the Middle, West and South

* Classical Association of New England

* Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest

Classical Association of Virginia

Colorado Classical Association

Excellence Through Classics

* Eta Sigma Phi National Honorary Society

* Illinois Classical Conference

* Kentucky Classical Association

* Michigan Classical Conference

* New Jersey Classical Association

New Hampshire Classical Association

* National Junior Classical League

* National Latin Exam Committee

North Carolina Classical Association

* Pennsylvania Classical Association

Society for Classical Studies

* Tennessee Classical Association

* Texas Classical Association

* Wisconsin Latin Teachers Association


Contributions to the

National Committee for Latin and Greek

     The National Committee for Latin and Greek is a standing committee within the ACL, dedicated to helping promote the study of the ancient world and advocating for Latin and Greek language programs on the federal, state, and local level.  It is involved with other Classical Associations to support schools and teachers, to provide financial support for special projects, to help create new projects and programs, and support programs which are threatened.

     The National Committee of Latin and Greek thanks the following organizations for their support. Their generosity allows us continue our work to promote Latin and Greek.

Patronus Aureus             

            American Classical League

            Classical Association of the Atlantic States

            Classical Association of the Middle West and South

            Society for Classical Studies

            National Latin Exam

Patronus Argenteus           

            California Classical Association—South

            California Classical Association—North  

            Eta Sigma Phi

            National Junior Classical League

Patronus Aeneus          

            Classical Association of New England

            Classical Association of Virginia

            Excellence Through Classics           

            Illinois Classical Conference           

            Wisconsin Latin Teachers Association

Amicus Fidelis          

            Individual donors


If your organization would like to help support the work of the NCLG, please contact the NCLG or ACL Treasurer.