Executive Committee


Current officers

* Delegate to JNCL-NCLIS and 2021 Incoming Chair, Edward Zarrow

* Interim Delegate to JNCL-NCLIS, Andrea Stehle

* Interim Chair, Katie Robinson

* Past Chair, Mary Pendergraft

* Vice Chair, Kathleen Robinson

* Executive Secretary, Andrea Stehle

* Treasurer, Dan McGlathery

At-Large Members:

* Catherine Hayward

* Svetlana Lazarova

* Connie Rodriguez

Subcommittee Chairs of the NCLG

* Supporting Young Learners, Zee Ann Poerio                                                   

* Technology & Outreach, Maureen Lamb, Michelle Bayouth

* Diversity & Inclusion, Dan McGlathery

* Greek, Wilfred Major

* Material Resources, Katie Robinson

NCLG communications:

* NCLG Secretary, Andrea Stehle

* NCLG website, please contact Maureen Lamb or Katie Robinson

* Editor, ACL Newsletter, Nick Young