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National Latin Teacher Recruitment Week.


Your Future is Our Future - always the first FULL week in March


This effort, hosted by the National Committee for Latin and Greek and thus a cooperative venture of the American Classical League, the Society for Classical Studies, and various regional and state classical organizations, seeks to engage all Classicists at all levels of instruction in the business of insuring that our Latin, Greek, and Classics pre-college classrooms have the teachers they need.  National Latin Teacher Recruitment Week is a cooperative venture of the American Classical League, the Society for Classical Studies, and other regional and state classical organizations.  Thanks especially to the SCS for their generous support for the mini-grants available to those planning events for NLTRW.


* Here is a great Amphora article on the importance of preparing more Latin teachers.


* Here is Tom Sienkewicz's report on NLTRW 2010.  There are so many good ideas to use!  For even more ideas, see his 2003 report on the first year of activities.


To see what is underway explore our website. To request further information, volunteer, or suggest lines of action, contact the committee’s chair, Keely Lake.  Also, please join our Facebook page!


And if you are looking for a job, please see the Placement page.