Vates: The Journal of New Latin Poetry, the new (and free!) publication devoted to the art of writing Latin verse, is up and available and has its webpage here. 



Places to grow in your conversational Latin skills:


* Conventiculum Bostoniense

* Conventiculum Buffaloniense

* Conventiculum Dickinsoniense

* Conventicula Aestiva

* Conventiculum Vasintoniense

* Rusticatio

* Vox Latina

* Accademia Vivarium Novum

* Septimannae Latinae Europaeae


Specifically for High School Students:


* Ascanius: The Youth Classics Institute


* The Paideia Institute.  Founded in 2010 by Princeton graduate students, the Paideia Institute is a not for profit organization dedicated to promoting the classics and humanities through educational programs. Its Living Latin summer programs combine famous passages from Latin literature, Rome's most famous sites, and a dynamic pedagogical style that teaches participants to SPEAK LATIN AS A LIVING LANGUAGE.  The Living Latin in Rome adult Program first ran in 2011, drawing college students from across the country.

Do to the great success of the adult program, this summer we are opening a second program specifically designed for High School students.  Students will spend two weeks living in a bucolic monastery only footsteps away from the Colosseum, reading Latin literature, visiting Rome's most famous places, and participating in interactive exercises that teach them to express their thoughts and ideas in the cornerstone language of western civilization.  Former participants in our Living Latin programs have found that by learning to speak Latin, they gain a new familiarity with the language that helps the master grammar, vocabulary and syntax and makes them better and faster sight-readers.  For more information visit the Paideia Institute's website.