Unless stated otherwise, the following posters were designed by Ginny Lindzey for distribution to other teachers needing posters and such for their classrooms. For best results print on glossy photo paper (you will LOVE the results). You can also print to 11"X17" paper by choosing "expand small pages to paper size" (or similar) in your printer dialog box.


Please remember that Ginny designed many of these posters and we are posting some created by other individuals. We do this to share and support each other. Please do not resell these for profit. Many use photos that prohibit commercial use.


Italy. This beautiful NASA photo of Italy from space needed to be in a poster. Although designed for 11X17 format, your printer will reduce this in size to fit 8.5X11. Look for other great shots from outer space at http://visibleearth.nasa.gov.


Sandals. Rick LaFleur's pedagogical acronym with a photo of Roman sandal.


Rules. Summary from B. Dexter Hoyos' book, Latin: How to Read it Fluently, sold by CANE.


Adverbs. Taken from a 1923 issue of the Latin Leaflet published at The University of Texas at Austin, author unknown.


Book Cover. If you have a small textbook like CLC, print this book cover on 11X17 paper. It has all the text from the 17 colloquamur posters.


Pond du Gard. This poster features the Pont du Gard. Photo by Leo Curran.


Segovia. This poster was designed by request and features the aqueduct in Segovia. The photos featured were taken by Rose Williams.


In vino veritas. This famous phrase is set against grapes growing on a vine.


Heads or tails. The Roman version of this is CAPITA AUT NAVIA, which is illustrated here with a coin bearing the likenesses of Julius Caesar and Octavian on the obverse and a ship's prow on the reverse.


Tempus fugit. A cool, relaxing sunset and the phrase tempus fugit.


Pecuniae. This poster features a pile of Roman coins and a Latin/English inscription from Syrus' Maxims (found in Rose Williams' Going to Hades is Easy).


Tempestates. The words "Tempestates definiunt tranquillum" set on a photo of a storm.


Habesne latinam? Recalling the famous Got Milk? campaign, this poster features a cow...


Rainbow. This beautiful photo was taken at Niagara Falls at the 2003 ACL Institute. The caption is DUM SPIRO SPERO.


Parrot. This Alexandrine parrot (very much like the ones the Romans would have had) says "quis est loquacior quam psittacus?"


Bunny. This cute bunny says, QUID NOVI, MEDICE?


Elephant. A baby elephant between its parents declaring "Hannibal est amicus MEUS!"


Donkey. For you CLC users, "Quis est stultior quam asinus?" with a picture of a donkey.


Colloquamur. These posters are designed to facilitate oral Latin in your classroom. For more oral Latin or the right way to say/phrase something, consult these books: Conversational Latin for Oral Proficiency by John Traupman and Latin Phrasebook by C. Meissner.

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