Current officers

* Chair and Delegate to JNCL-NCLIS, Mary Pendergraft
* Past Chair, Stanley Iverson
* Vice Chair, Keely Lake
* Executive Secretary, Linda Montross
* Treasurer, Emily Batinski
* Classics Alert Network, Elizabeth Rief


Subcommittees of the NCLG

* Committee for Latin in Middle Schools, Kathleen Robinson
* Committee for Latin in Elementary Schools, Zee Ann Poerio
* Committee for Cultural Diversity, Jim Pezzulo
* Committee for Community Colleges, Patrick Owens 
* Committee for Greek, Wilfred Major


NCLG communications

* NCLG website, please contact Keely Lake
* NCLG News in ACL and APA Newsletters, Nick Young
* Promotional materials editor, vacant (please contact the Chair if interested)