The materials below are a combination of things you can download and print on your own printer and those things that can be ordered in advance. If you lack funding for offering prizes and give-aways or anything else you need to make your NLTRW a success, please consider applying for a mini-grant.



Be part of the Solution.  NLTRW ad for inclusion in newsletters or distribution at JCL events.  Full page size.


BELIEVE: crede quia incredibile.  NLTRW ad for inclusion in newsletters or distribution at JCL events.  Half page size.


NLTRW Mini-Grant Ad.  Full page size.


NLTRW Promo.  This flyer was developed by Tom Sienkewicz to provide colleagues with some ideas on how to proceed with NLTRW. While not for distribution to your students, this is an ideal flyer to hand out to other teachers at meetings and JCL conventions.


I want you to become a Latin teacher.  Version 1.  Version 2.
This fun poster actually comes in two different versions (8.5" X 11"), designed by former CPL Chair Tom Sienkewicz, is a take-off on the old Uncle Sam posters. Print on glossy paper and post!


What Do Teachers Make?

This poem by Taylor Mali can be a good springboard for a discussion about the value of teaching.


Need a Latin Teacher?  A flyer which you can post on a bulletin board, in a classics library, or on your office door.


Some Top Reasons to Teach at the Pre-Collegiate Level
This brochure in PDF format was redesigned in 2004. The quotes within are from real teachers who are members of the Latinteach listserve. If you were expecting such reasons as "June, July, and August," you will be in for a big surprise.


Top Reasons Mini Poster poster (11X17) uses many of the wonderful phrases from the Top Reasons brochure. Colorful and visible, this poster will attract attention.


Secondary Considerations - PhD testimonials
This brochure in PDF format was also designed in 2003 for the first NLTRW. It contains testimonials from individuals with PhD's who are teaching at the secondary level and enjoying it tremendously.


NLTRW Bookmarks
These bookmarks have five Latin phrases plus NLTRW info. Copy onto card stock and laminate to encourage students to keep these around.



Would you like to have some articles about Latin and other Latin teachers to show just how popular Latin has become and how much press Latin is getting these days? Make sure you go to the In the News page on the National Committee for Latin and Greek website.