SAT statistics for 2016

SAT statistics for 2015  ~   GRE infographic

SAT statistics for 2014 

SAT statistics for 2013

Recent statistics for Latin vs. other languages, 2012, and the GRE, 2012.

SAT by years of study, 2012

SAT statistics for 2012

Latin vs. other languages, 2011

SAT statistics for 2011

SAT statistics for 2010

SAT statistics for 2009
SAT statistics for 2008


* Thanks to Barbara Hill of the Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, for this wonderful flyer about how Latin aids English reading comprehension.

* Thanks to Derek Haddad for this promotional PowerPoint on the benefits of taking Latin.

* Check out this page from St. Louis University, and this one from Drew University.

* Check out the Bolchazy-Carducci website for a few links and ideas.

* Derek Muller's comments on the Classics for prospective law students.

TCA's Survey of College Admissions Counselors

This is exceptional and elegant set of flyers, developed by the Texas Classical Association, covers the following topics: Why Study Latin? Should I Take Latin III & IV? College & University Admissions Personnel Respond to Latin.

Why Study Latin?

Designed by Ginny Lindzey, this brochure contains the latest SAT stats plus information based on Conrad Barrett's article, "Keys to Language and Cultural Awareness."

Harry Potter Knows Latin!

Designed by Ginny Lindzey, this flyer will serve as a quick promotional tool for students.

The Influence of Classical Studies on People of African Descent

* The Influence of Classical Studies on People of Hispanic Descent

* Borrowed words: 333 words and more which show the power of Latin in one's English vocabulary.  Part 1. Part 2.

Teacher Prep: New Ideas, New Approach.

* Promotional materials that can be obtained from the American Classical League Teaching Resource and Materials Center:

* Latin for the Millennium
* Innovative Latin Programs for Younger Students
* Cultural Diversity & Classics: A Promotional Packet