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The NCLG is a non-Profit organization sponsored and funded by numerous state and national associations.  It serves as a forum to identify nationwide needs and as a force for planning and implementing  new strategies and programs. Its Classics Alert Network  responds to both crises and opportunities in the Classics community.  The NCLG also maintains  a dialogue with its European counterparts.

THE NCLG  lobbies annually in Washington, DC, for legislation on language education and current initiatives as a part of JNCL and NCLIS.  A large part of the money donated to the NCLG goes toward JNCL-NCLIS dues.  These contributions thus keep the voice of the Classics in the national dialogue concerning language and education in a vital way.  Thank you for your support!

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Special Announcements


NCLG Book Grant for Elementary/Beginning Latin Programs
  The National Committee for Latin and Greek NCLG has established a fund for small grants--up to $300--to help beginning Latin programs to purchase books or to purchase Materials from the TMRC including materials from Excellence Through Classics. Teachers are invited to apply for book grants for newly created Latin programs, with preference given to elementary school programs. Please click here for more information.


* With many thanks to ACTFL for permission, here is Dr. Zarrow's interview in The Language Educator, published in the Spring of 2016.  Congratulations to Dr. Zarrow for being named ACTFL Teacher of the Year!


* NCLG, as a part of its Tirones Project, is hosting free webinars.  Please see this flyer for the general announcement.  Contact Mary Pendergraft for more information.

* At their June 26, 2014, meeting the National Committee for Latin and Greek honored University of South Dakota Distinguished Professor Emeritus Judith L. Sebesta for her service to the organization and to the promotion of the study of the ancient Greco-Roman world. She had served as NCLG Secretary for over seventeen years. When she retired from the University in 2013, after teaching for 41 years, she became the third person in the University’s history to receive the title “Distinguished Professor Emeritus.” In 2012 she had received the Monsignor James Doyle Humanities Teaching Award.

* Interested in promoting the NCLG at your local or state Classics meetings?  Download and print this brochure.



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