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National Committee for Latin and Greek


The NCLG is a non-profit organization sponsored and funded by numerous state and national associations.  It serves as a forum to identify nationwide needs and as a force for planning and implementing new strategies and programs in Latin and Greek Studies to better serve teachers and students. It  responds to both crises and opportunities in the Classics community. The NCLG also maintains a dialogue with its European counterparts.
THE NCLG lobbies annually in Washington, DC, for legislation on language education and current initiatives as a part of JNCL and NCLIS. It holds a  seat on the JNCL Board of Directors. It seeks to be a voice to government on behalf of Latin and Greek students and teachers, specifically, as well as helping to secure funding and maintain access to second language study for all students. If you wish to become involved in the work of the committee in this advocacy, please contact us. Also, you can click the sidebar "JNCL-NCLIS ADVOCACY."

You can donate to the NCLG using this form on the American Classical League site. Put NCLG in the gift designation box. A large part of the money donated to the NCLG goes toward JNCL-NCLIS dues.  These contributions thus keep the voice of the Classics in the national dialogue concerning language and education in a vital way.  Thank you for your support! 



 Pledge of Support

The National Committee for Latin and Greek, as a national legislative advocacy committee helping to represent many regional and national associations supporting Latin and Greek Studies as a legacy member of the Joint National Committee on Languages, pledges to support these organizations in their work to end racial bias and increase accessibility of language study to all people, through legislative representation and funding, organizational advocacy for change within language education, and personal commitment to equity and justice.

Formal statements can be found here: aclclassics.org. And elsewhere: languagepolicy.org; actfl.org; classicalstudies.org

Special Note Concerning Website Materials 

As always, but especially this year, we have been diligently reviewing and revising documents contained on this site. We wish language information in those documents to be accurate and correctly presenting that Latin and Greek are valuable and accessible to all learners. If you do not find the document you wished to download, please contact us, because it may have been temporarily removed from the site for review. We strongly urge our guests to check the site often, use only the most recent versions, and discard older versions. Please use care in choosing documents so that they are appropriate for the specific audience you will share them with. 


*We invite you to explore our website. To request further information, volunteer, or suggest lines of action, contact the chair or a committee member: nclgcommittee@gmail.com


The documents found on this website are all available as pdfs.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here to download it for free.