The Tirones Project is an initiative of NCLG directed at supporting Latin teachers and encouraging them to stay in the classroom. Although the name reveals that the primary focus is the support of new teachers (tiro = newbie), we recognize that all Latin teachers benefit from interaction with one another, so that our webinars are open to all comers. Similarly, our panels at ACL and CAMWS encourage collaboration among Latin teachers by looking at all the forms that mentoring relationships can take.

ACTFL has some wonderful new materials for recruiting teachers:

NCLG, as a part of its Tirones Project, is hosting free webinars.  Please see this flyer for the general announcement.  Contact Mary Pendergraft for more information.



#2  How to Make Latin Prose Easier to Read: Techniques for Simplifying Complicated Syntax

Do your students panic when faced with a syntactically complex sentence in prose? Are they unsure even where to start? This webinar will offer some strategies for demystifying Latin prose syntax. Using examples from Caesar’s De Bello Gallico and Cicero’s Pro Caelio, we will work through strategies that will increase students’ confidence in reading Latin prose. Materials for the webinar will be available as downloadable documents from Google Drive.

Presenter:  Victoria Jordan, who teaches Latin (and sometimes Greek) at the Ellis School in Pittsburgh, spent the summer reading Dante in Sienna as part of an NEH institute. She received her PhD from Boston College with a specialization in the development of Latin in late antiquity and the concomitant emergence of vernacular languages.


#1  Technology Tools for the 21st Century Latin Teacher: Teaching Latin Literature

Our students are becoming ever more adept with using technology, and, as teachers, we can find ways to use technology in our classes in way that engages students and promotes effective learning. Some of the free online tools that we will go over include Google documents, dictionaries, blogs, screencasts, videos, commentaries, texts, grammar reviews, and vocabulary reviews. We will focus on how to use each type of online tool in the context of the Latin literature classroom. 

Presenter: Maureen Lamb, a teacher at Westminster School in Simsbury, CT.  She studied Classics at College of the Holy Cross, and received her M.Ed. in Latin from UNC Greensboro. She has been teaching Latin for nine years, and has also taught Latin and Mythology courses and tutored online. Maureen has presented at ACL, CANE, the AP Annual Conference, the Westminster School Teaching Symposium, and the UNC Greensboro Graduate Student Symposium, and will be presenting at Classical Association of Connecticut and Connecticut Council of Language Teachers this year. She is passionate about finding new and better ways to teach, including enhancing teaching with technology and incorporating differentiated instruction.