* How can I become certified to teach Latin?

Each state varies so you will need to do some research. Only certain colleges offer credentialing in Latin.  You will need to contact the classics department at the particular university you are interested in yourself. 

The SCS has a useful document with some additional information about state credentialing requirements and contacts.


* Is certification really necessary? After all, if a school is really desperate for a Latin teacher, won't they be happy to just find someone with a bachelors or, better yet, a masters or PhD?

Actually, yes. The ESSA federal guidelines require that all teachers be certified and highly qualified in order to teach in public schools. You might find work at a private school, but there is a real need to maintain public school programs with credentialed teachers. And acquiring the skills necessary for credentialing and familiarity with national and state standards for language learning can significantly develop your range of abilities and expand your competence in the classroom. If tuition is an issue, there are some college programs with stipends provided. One look at the list of applicants at the ACL Placement center will tell you something very interesting: almost 50% of those looking for jobs have no certification. And there are programs that are closing because there is no one "qualified" to take the position of a retiring Latin teacher. 


* Are there scholarships funds available to someone who wants to become a teacher?

Yes, scholarships are available. You will find that some universities offer scholarships of varying amounts for prospective teachers. In addition, you might look at the following websites for information about these specific scholarships:
o Compiled joint organization list including Frank M. Snowden Minority Scholarships from SCS
o Zeph Stewart Latin Teacher Training Award
o Manson A Stewart Teacher Training and Travel Awards from CAMWS
o Maureen O'Donnell Scholarship from ACL

o Fox Teacher Training Scholarship from Eta Sigma Phi

o Montross New Latin Educators Scholarship



* Where do I look for a job? Is there a placement agency?

See the Placement page within this website.