Executive Committee


Current officers

* Delegate to JNCL-NCLIS Board and Advocacy Chair, Edward Zarrow

* Alternate Delegate to JNCL-NCLIS, Andrea Stehle

* Vice Chair, Katie Robinson

* Executive Secretary, Andrea Stehle

* Treasurer, Dan McGlathery

* Ex officio Past Chair and ACL President, Mary Pendergraft

At-Large Members:

* Catherine Hayward

* Svetlana Lazarova

* Connie Rodriguez

Subcommittee Chairs of the NCLG

* Supporting Young Learners, Zee Ann Poerio                                                   

* Technology & Outreach, Maureen Lamb, Michelle Bayouth, Catherine Hayward

* Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Dan McGlathery

* Greek, Wilfred Major

* Online Resources; Latin: Inspiring Future Teachers, Katie Robinson

NCLG communications:

* NCLG Secretary; CPL Liaison, Andrea Stehle

* NCLG website, please contact Maureen Lamb or Katie Robinson

* NCLG News, ACL Newsletter,  Editor TBD


 Announcing Our New Advocacy Chair, Ted Zarrow! Want to get to know him? Check out this article.

Dr. Zarrow, a Massachusetts Latin teacher, was named ACTFL National Teacher of the Year for 2016! 

With many thanks to ACTFL for permission, here is Dr. Zarrow's interview in The Language Educator

published in the Spring of 2016.  He speaks about the importance of language study and advocacy.