The National Committee for Latin and Greek, a standing committee of the American Classical League, is a non-profit organization, founded by twelve national and regional classical associations and funded by those associations along with numerous other state associations and departments of Classics. The NCLG is dedicated to the advancement of the study of classical languages and civilizations, with a focus on Latin and Greek, by developing an agenda of promotional projects and activities within North America.


The NCLG, made up of volunteer officers and committee members from any of its sponsoring organizations, meets twice a year and serves as a forum for the identification of nationwide needs and priorities within Latin and Greek Studies and for the subsequent planning and implementation of promotional strategies and programs. The NCLG provides a consensus of direction for the advocacy, drawing upon information, talents, and resources from constituent and affiliate organizations. The Committee endeavors to focus public awareness on the study of Latin, Greek, and the Classics through its public advocacy contacts with schools, universities, and governing agencies. The NCLG produces a variety of brochures, information packets, and fliers about the value of Latin and Greek Studies which parents, teachers, and school administrators can use to help build and maintain programs. The Committee sponsors a Classics Alert Network (CAN) to highlight opportunities and to respond to crises affecting Classics programs in schools and universities. It communicates with the officers of sponsoring organizations through semi-annual open meetings and the newsletters of the ACL. Its support for and participation in the Joint National Committee for Languages and its cooperation with modern language associations nationwide encourages participation in the development of national language policy and in movements to advocate and to improve the study of all languages, ancient and modern.


The Committee relies on the expertise and financial resources of five founding sponsors, its parent organization, and others: American Classical League, Society for Classical Studies, Classical Association of the Atlantic States, Classical Association of the Middle West and South, Classical Association of New England, and the California Classical Association, South. In addition, the California Classical Association, North, Eta Sigma Phi National Honorary Society, National Latin Exam Committee, National Junior Classical League, and the Ontario Classical Association. Affiliate organizations in Europe include the Joint Association of Classical Teachers in Britain and the Netherlands Classical Association.





The National Committee for Latin and Greek, as a national legislative advocacy committee helping to represent many regional and national associations supporting Latin and Greek Studies as a legacy member of the Joint National Committee on Languages, pledges to support these organizations in their work to end racial bias and increase accessibility of language study to all people, inclusion, and equity through legislative representation and funding, organizational advocacy for change within language education, and personal commitment to equity and justice.

Formal statements can be found here: aclclassics.org. And elsewhere: languagepolicy.org; actfl.org; classicalstudies.org