The Tirones Project  is an initiative of NCLG directed at supporting Latin teachers and encouraging them to stay in the classroom. Although the name reveals that the primary focus is the support of new teachers (tiro = newbie), we recognize that all Latin teachers benefit from interaction with one another, so that our webinars are open to all comers. Similarly, our panels at ACL and CAMWS encourage collaboration among Latin teachers by looking at all the forms that mentoring relationships can take.


NCLG, as a part of its Tirones Project, has hosted webinars and encouraged new and experienced teachers to become part of the ACL Mentoring Program.  ACL provides this Mentoring Program for all levels. Click here to request a mentor or to become a mentor. https://aclclassics.org/mentoring


ACL provides a post with numerous links to a wide variety of resources valuable for teaching and learning. https://aclclassics.org/Digital-Learning-and-Teaching-Resources 

Contact Mary Pendergraft for more information on 2 webinars: Technology Tools and  Techniques for Simplifying Complicated Syntax for new readers and watch for new MODULES from ACL on various aspects of teaching.