The National Committee for Latin and Greek strongly advocates that all students and all communities have equitable access to Latin, Greek, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies programs. Through donations, the NCLG has established a fund for mini-grants of up to $300 to help teachers, administrators, community educators, and non-profit organizations to begin or expand a program that will offer valuable language instruction, projects, and cultural content to those who would not otherwise have access, due to age, race, ethnicity, school tracking, cost, location of residence, or any reasons based on implicit or explicit bias.

You must be linked to starting a new program, adding a new project or unit, or significantly expanding the outreach of an existing program that plans to serve underrepresented groups or teach the historical contributions of underrepresented groups. You may also be starting a new structured outreach program to encourage students, who might not otherwise have this opportunity, to begin the study of Latin, Greek or Ancient Mediterranean Studies.

You can apply to the NCLG for a mini-grant of up to $300 in order to purchase books or resource materials from approved sources, or to cover logistical costs of personal outreach or training to engage colleagues in advancing similar work. If the grant is for an activity or event, funds might also be used in part for essential technical support. These items must be specifically listed in the application and be approved by the NCLG Grant Committee. The ACL may be able to help you get discounts from certain publishers.

Any TEACHER who is a member of the American Classical League OR the Society for Classical Studies is eligible to apply. If you are not already a member of the American Classical League (ACL) prior to applying for the grant, part of the grant funds may be used to reimburse your membership dues. Any type or level of membership is acceptable. This way, you can receive discounts from the ACL online purchases and benefit from all the resources and professional support available to ACL members as you implement your project.

There is no longer any set deadline for award application. Applications will be accepted at any time and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please give as much advance notice as possible when applying, so that any awarded funds will be available when you need them. Every effort will be made to issue checks as quickly as possible, before the start date of the new program or scheduled event.

When a project is approved:
If your grant request is approved, you will agree to allow us to post a brief Spotlight of your project on our NCLG website ( As your project goes forward, you will also agree to write a 200-300 word article summarizing your plans for your program, how it unfolded, and the impact you feel that it had. This will be due by May 1, within the year following the issuance of the award, so that photos and a description of the project may be published during our June American Classical League Institute meeting. All awardees from each year will also be formally announced at the ACL Institute in June and on a page of our website.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact the Chair of the NCLG Subcommittee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Dr. Daniel McGlathery, at

Thank you for joining us in advocating that all students and all communities have equitable access to Latin, Greek, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies programs!



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