JOB PLACEMENT: If you wish to post a job or are looking for a job, these are 3 good resources:



Secondary Placement 

* Listings and information at the ACL Placement Service


* Listings with the National Association of Independent Schools

 NAIS Independent School Career Center (


University Placement 

* Listings and information at the SCS website


Are you ready for the job market?

Key skills are outlined in the NEW Guidelines for Latin Teacher Preparation and should be a key part of your resume.



A joint committee of ACL and SCS has formulated the new Guidelines for Latin Teacher Preparation. This updated document (a revision of the Standards for Latin Teacher Preparation) includes the major guidelines for those preparing for a career in teaching, and is informative for those seeking new teaching methods and recommended teaching practices. Please go the links below or to these sites (at SCS): and (at ACL)

where you will find all resources. This document, which is a 2023 revision of the 2010 Standards for Latin Teacher Preparation, sets out what a beginning-career Latin teacher should know and be able to do. It is for teachers at ALL levels, K-16.

  • Content Knowledge
  • Pedagogical Knowledge, Skills, and Understanding
  • Other Areas of Responsibility
  • Professional Development and Lifelong Learning

Links to key documents:

Guidelines for Latin Teacher Preparation (PDF)

Addendum of Resources (Google Doc)

One-Page Flyer (PDF):