Places to grow in your conversational Latin skills:

There are numerous gatherings and educational experiences that involve the use of Latin as the primary language during all activities and aspects of the event. Participants with no experience or with any level of oral proficiency are welcome to enroll.

* Conventiculum Bostoniense

* Conventiculum Buffaloniense

* Conventiculum Dickinsoniense

* Conventicula Aestiva

* Conventiculum Vasintoniense

* Rusticatio

* Vox Latina

* Accademia Vivarium Novum

* Septimannae Latinae Europaeae


* where the focus is on Latin writings by women, and participants practice the use spoken Latin while meeting.


Specifically for Younger Students:

* Ascanius: The Youth Classics Institute



Vates, the Journal of New Latin Poetry is a free publication devoted to the art of writing Latin verse.

It is up and available and has its webpage here