Latin: Inspiring Future Teachers LIFT Grant Award


Dr. Barbara Weinlich of ASU Tempe


Check back for a full report and photos of their November 18th Classics Day student event!

Approximately 300 high school students of Latin from the region will come visit ASU in order to participate in a full-day Classics Day on November 18, 2022 at the invitation of the Classics Program of the School of International Letters and Cultures.

The goal of the event is to get the high school students interested in becoming Latin teachers as well as to get high school students interested in majoring or minoring in Classics at ASU (or elsewhere). At the center of the event's full-day program is a presentation by Patrick Yaggy, high school teacher of Latin, entitled 'Why be a Latin Teacher.' Other student-engaging activities will fill out  the day!



Supporting Young Learners Grant Awards


Sam Salcedo’s Latinx Outreach in NYC


Sam Salcedo with the support of her high school Latin teacher, Lyla Cerulli, at Dominican Academy in New York City, has launched a new outreach program!Her project has also been inspired by Lupercal, for whom she is high school intern. Sam writes, “Many students would benefit from my activity book that would be enhanced with the help of the ACL books I plan to buy [with the SYL grant funds]. Inspired by the lack of Latinx Latinists in the United States, I hope to foster interest in Classics and Latin from an early age, and my main goal is to share my unique experience and knowledge as a Latina Latinist.   My activity book uses themes and derivatives pertinent to Spanish and Latin and is available in the National Humanities Center ‘Humanities in Class’ Digital Library!  My hope is that my book will help Latinx children gain a greater understanding of their vernacular language and other languages derived from Latin. My main audience will be children of Latin American immigrants who, like me, grew up speaking Spanish at home and English at school. My idea to get the word out about my project is to make and send “PR Boxes of materials and use social media.” Let’s stay tuned for future news on Sam's project!


             A New Middle School Latin Program


Robin Schneider is a principal at St. Peter Catholic School, in Monument, CO, and she herself will be teaching a NEW Latin class at her school this year! She contacted our SYL Chair, Zee Poerio, since she had heard that Zee had been using elementary and middle level materials to bring Latin into her Catholic school in Pittsburgh. She was looking for the best suggestion for age-appropriate texts for her students and for additional ideas for creating her new Latin program.  She is very excited to begin this journey into Classics and JOINED ACL immediately and is looking forward to networking with other members! Robins remarks,We are just starting a new Classical Curriculum [at St. Peter] and due to its story-based approach, we really liked the Cambridge Latin series. We are going to teach 6-8th grade starting with Unit 1 this year and then in consecutive years, 6th grade will be Unit 1, 7th grade - Unit 2, and 8th grade Unit 3. Approximately sixty students will benefit from the grant funds we used to purchase the books [in the first phase of the program].”

We wish Robin every success!