Explore the benefits of studying LATIN and GREEK at any level and also find specific resources reinforcing the value of young learners taking Elementary and Middle School Latin.

Click HERE for an additional webpage of the NCLG on the BENEFITS OF STUDY FOR ALL AGES 



Here are just some of the documents you will find there:

Connections to Common Core Standards

21st Century Skills In The Latin Class

Latin Develops Valuable and Transferable Skills

Why Latin in Middle or Home School? 

The Value of Latin: A Personal Perspective

Kiplinger Report on Careers

Information from University Departments

And more!



 Announcing Our New Advocacy Chair, Ted Zarrow! Want to get to know him? Check out this article.

Dr. Zarrow, a Massachusetts Latin teacher, was named ACTFL National Teacher of the Year for 2016! 

With many thanks to ACTFL for permission, here is Dr. Zarrow's interview in The Language Educator

published in the Spring of 2016.  He speaks about the importance of language study and advocacy.